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Your location in the MindTime map

The true value of understanding your Thinking Style is that you will then understand your deepest drives and needs and hear everyone else’s points of view more easily:

• Points of view are the result of our individual ways of thinking
• Everyone has value to bring with their point of view
• What seem to be differences between us are actually our individual ‘takes’ that all arise from one thing, our relationship with Time
• Saying ‘from my point of view’ is like saying “using my Thinking Style”.

You Seek:

• A balanced approach
• Reasonableness
• Open-mindedness
• Integrative and holistic solutions

You Avoid:

• Leading unless called upon
• Being pigeonholed
• Non holistic solutions
• Unrealistic people

Core Needs – Your intensity measures

We all need security, stability, and possibilities. Depending on who you ask they will rank these needs in a different order of priority. This seems intuitive enough. What is perhaps less intuitive is that the reason why people rank them the way they do is driven by exactly the same motivating drives that shape the way they communicate, learn, grow trust, engage with other people and in their work. It is how we develop our individual point of view on the world around us. The MindTime Framework shows us how and why we think and behave the way we do.

Here is the degree to which each of these three perspectives influences your thinking:


This core need is responsible for:

•How much Risk you tolerate (the higher the number the LOWER your tolerance)
•How much Time you need to digest and internalize new information (the higher the number the more time you need)
•How much Information you need to feel like you understand the risks (the higher the number the more information you need)


This core need is responsible for:

•How much Chaos you tolerate (the higher the number the LOWER your tolerance)

•How much Organization you need in your affairs (the higher the number the more organized you need to be)

•How much you Invest yourself in security and long-term stability (the higher the number the more you invest)


This core need is responsible for:

•How much Change you are comfortable with (the higher the number the greater your comfort)

•How much appetite you have for pursuing Opportunity (the higher the number the more opportunities you seek)

•How much Resilience you have for coping with adverse conditions (the higher the number the more resilience you have)

Layers of Insight

Your Thinking Style is responsible for many of your innate tendencies, the ways you go about doing life. Here are two layers of information laid on the MindTime Map of Thought. One is about how you approach learning and the other points towards the kinds of things that stress you.

In the book Why You Are You that you can download at the end of this report, you will find useful tables with lists of adjectives and other words and concepts which typify the characteristics attributable to each location on the map. These are very useful guides for how you can adjust your thinking when communicating and collaborating with people who have differing Thinking Styles from you.


The gift of the Connector Archetype

The value of Connector thinking lies in its ability to bring consensus to unify disparate points of view. Connectors are the glue of collaboration and the bridge between different points of view (Thinking Styles) bringing together all points of view into one shared common understanding. The innate sense Connectors have of all the pieces of the puzzle and how to meld them together, including the various personalities involved, makes them the hub of all groups and collective endeavours. While rarely predisposed to launch off in pursuit of their own ideas, Connectors will equally rarely miss the opportunity to help a group of people focus on working together to achieve their goals. Their true gift is open-minded support of others efforts; they foster a culture of unification.

For you, the importance of MindTime is that it provides you with an entirely new way to orient yourself to the people around. The more you develop your skills at using the MindTime Framework, the more able you will be to fit yourself properly into the unfolding world around you.

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