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Earth is a very strong element but also soft under Yin energy. As it’s represented also by our planet, we could say earth contains in a way, the other elements such as water air & fire.

Earth is our base and the base for everything manifesting life in material level.

This element is what gives form to life. It represents everything that is solid, the soil, the ground, all nature, our body. Earth provide us with our food and all we need to survive in this life as human beings. She is like a mother that nurture us and is always there to support us, without criticizing. Female energy, which is accepting, loving, protecting, giving sense of security and stability, a fertile ground where we can spread our roots and bloom.

Earth element is necessary in order to rise our spirit. In order to rise we need first to root.

Even the birds and airplanes they need to touch the solid ground so they can fly!

When this element is weak or unbalanced, we will feel chaotic, insecure, with low self-esteem, unsafe, vulnerable, stressed unhealthy.

When it is balanced we feel strong, safe, healthy, focused, loving, tolerant, creative.



In Yoga practice,

Seated asanas, supines and twists, are grounding poses and therefore connected to earth element, which provides us vitality, balance, peace and good health.

Seated and forward bends are relaxing, rejuvenating, and balancing asanas, which brings balance to mind and body and our emotions. They tone the belly, massage your internal organs, and relieve lower back pain.

Twists effect nervous and glandular system bringing balance and calmness but also tone when we are tired and feel overwhelmed. They bring spine back to neutral position, vitality to muscles and discs, squeeze internal organs and detoxify, improve blood circulation, aid digestion.

Energize Earth element, in your body heart and mind through yoga practice and wellness coaching and observe the effect in your life.

Keep smiling Keep shining.

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Erasmia Kritikou

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