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Yoga Coaching

. . . a Holistic Way to Well-being

What Does The Word Yoga Means?

The literal meaning of the word YOGA is “UNION” or to “LINK” back. The implication is:

To link back to the original source, the original essence, which transcends all mental and intellectual attempts at comprehension, but which is the essential nature of everything in CREATION.
What is to be united?

This refers to merging of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. In Sanskrit, the word ‘yoga’ is used to signify any form of connection.

What is Yoga

Since a complete treatise on the theory and practice of yoga will require many volumes, I will try to give here in a few words only a basic outline. Yoga is both a state of connection and a body of techniques that allow us to connect to anything. Conscious connection to “something” allows us to feel and experience that “thing”. The experience of conscious connection is a state of yoga, a joyful and blissful, fulfilling experience.

In a way, one might say that the term also refers to union between Mind, Body and Soul. Most people in west countries, know the meaning of yoga only as far as the physical level is concerned. But yoga is not just a physical exercise. Yoga is a way of life designed to promote the physical, mental and spiritual development of human being.

While it is true that yogic practice can be found in some religions, yoga is neither a religion nor a philosophy. It should be seen more as a way of life or a system of discipline to achieve greater fullness and awareness of the experience of life.

It is a non-sectarian transpersonal science, a practice to promote spiritual development and the harmony of mind, soul and body, in-depth. Through mental and physical exercises on a psycho-energetic-physical level such as meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and asanas as well as performing action with the correct attitude attempts to achieve this exact alignment, to unify mind-body-soul.

What Is Yoga For

Yoga is the performance of right attitude and action that do not begin and stop in the mat but extend to every expression of life. The aim of this practice and of this divine alignment is therefore optimal for human health.

Sensitization, awareness, consciousness can only be increased when the mind is in a state of peace, harmony, freedom. So is health. Thus, the rules of meditation (which are part of Yoga) and wisdom (the philosophical teachings for understanding reality as it is), are the primary means to controlling the mind and allowing the individual to mature psychologically and spiritually. This is accomplished through the way of yoga which promotes the free flow of spiritual energy, reducing mental conflicts and blockages caused by ignorance.

Generally in life, there are two ways that can be followed. One is that of wisdom and the other of ignorance. The course of ignorance is what drives the masses into negative situations, thoughts and actions. These in turn lead to poor health and sadness in life.

The other path is based on wisdom, knowledge and leads to health, awareness, true happiness and even enlightenment. It is no coincidence that while the concept of yoga is found in scriptures dating back over 5000 years, continues to be part of modern life and more widespread than ever, precisely because it adapts to each case’s needs and is part of the evolution.

There are many schools and types of yoga and this makes it accessible to all regardless of age, physical condition or even peculiarities. Even if we look at it only physically, the benefits are innumerable even therapeutically, because it is not limited to muscle training but also affects nervous, hormonal, circulatory, digestive and all-musculoskeletal system.

We live in a time of challenges and we all dream of seeing a “change”. But how do we expect to see a change in the world? If we do not put ourselves primerly in an evolutionary process? This is what the practice of Yoga promotes.

Become the change you want to see in the world.

M. Gandhi

Yoga enhances your life

It is a practice that promotes the harmony and development of mind,body and soul .

However , even in a physical level only ,the benefits are innumerable
even therapeutically, because it is not limited to muscle training
but also affects nervous, hormonal, circulatory,
digestive and all musculoskeletal system.

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