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“Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued”


“Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light. Above all things reverence thyself”


The Ancient Way is The New Contemporary Way

Inspired by and Combining Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science & Vision

I will be happy to help you find your ways to become the best version of you and live an abundant life to its fullest.


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My Way…

. . . to the Art of Life

Who I am

I am Erasmia and I am coming from Hellas where Philosophy was born, and the land of Pythagoras. I feel in love with Life and its Wisdom. For me Life is an Art.

An Art that aligns Mind, Body and Soul.

The Art of Life is based on understanding. Understanding yourself and others in a holistic way, how everything is connected to everything, the value that everybody has to bring… Understanding the world and how it constantly changes.

The first step to the way of the Art of Life is Self-Awareness.

The Art of Life is a Holistic process.

Thinking about my Pursuit in Life I would say that eventually is to help people to achieve fulfillment and happiness! Introduce them to  new and old ways to develop strategies to improve and thrive in Life and Business. Strategies that facilitate overcoming their blockages or difficulties, guide them to a deeper understanding in a holistic way, even recover possible emotional pain hidden under physical pain. 

The Art of Life is a process of allowing your true self to reveal, of discovering Life Purpose and manifesting your heart”s deepest desire.

During my life time until now I went through several professional paths. What I have come to realize is that I have been a leader and a  coach all the way, as I was trying to find ways to inspire people to become happier and open their mind to new perspectives. I studied Theater and Acting and worked as an actress for some years. That really helped me to discover and uncover hidden sides of different characters and personalities ,by bringing them to the light in a playful way. Later I left this career as my core values distanced me from the actor’s lifestyle beyond stage. My impulse to help people and my thirst to go deeper into understanding the true essence of being, pointed new directions. I kept my experience in role playing though, as a powerful and fun strategic coaching tool.

At the same time, I became a certified yoga teacher and have been trained in holistic therapies and energy healing as well. I love freedom and travelling, so after raising my 2 children to adults, I decided to re-evaluate where I stand and redirect myself, according to my heart’s deepest desire. I started to work on my own way and terms, teaching yoga and authentic self-expression mostly in summer resorts and retreats along with workshops. I practice also meditation, mindfulness and I love to study philosophy, as well as applying its amazing wisdom by developing strategies in daily life and coaching.

I see myself as a strategist for Mind Body and Soul , and that is why developing  strategies for business and well-being in a Holistic approach, combining science, vision and ancient wisdom, is my way to bring together, to connect, all the knowledge and experience I have gained to this day and share.


Through my contact with my mentors and many different teachers of different nationalities, and through my travels, I have been influenced by different cultures. From this constant search I have found myself in various spiritual paths and not only. Life coaching, consulting, philosophy psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, mysticism, shamanism, alternative healing methods, astrology, are only some of them.

My first contact with the way of yoga occurred at a very young age through a book, in the context of my spiritual quests. My practice will begin later with various teachers. For many years I have dedicated myself to my love for acting, theater and dance. After an injury at the lower back, however, yoga enters in my life as a mean of restoring healing and empowerment and finally becomes a way of life.

Studies & Teachings

As a restless spirit, I explore various methods of personal development, alternative therapies and wellness through studies, trainings, seminars, books etc., but also by many years of personal experience in personal and group therapy, personal development coaching and consulting.

I have studied Coaching & introductory Consulting at Aegean University (Greece) and have been mentored by great teachers in Greece, as well as John Fuery the founder of MindTime.

My certification as a Yoga Teacher takes place at NYSY yoga school in Athens where I am also being initiated in Abhaya Yoga. A kind of practice which promotes fearless action and particular emphasis on the alignment of body, mind and soul. Inspired by my teachers,  I will discover a whole ancient holistic coaching system through yoga teachings.

I have also studied Theater in Athens, and attended various acting seminars with great actors, including Acting on Camera.

Other Skills and Activities

I have worked an actress professionally in the theater, TV, various events and shows.

I hold great experience in hospitality and tourism and have worked as a Guest Relation Manager in 5-star hotel, as well as in Spa services and holistic massage therapies.

I have several years teaching experience in yoga, in groups and personal training, as well as in my own system for releasing authentic expression and personal development (Re-Acting).

I have been trained in energy healing, the art of communication, hypnotherapy, ethereal nutrition ( by Alexandros Elion), crystals, aromatherapy, herbs, and hold ancient Greek massage as well as traditional Thai massage diploma.

I teach in English and Greek, and can speak also Portuguese French and German.

Erasmia Kritikou

Holistic Life Coach

Body Mind & Soul