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“Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued”


“Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light. Above all things reverence thyself”


The Ancient Way is The New Contemporary Way

Inspired by and Combining Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science & Vision

I will be happy to help you find your ways to become the best version of you and live an abundant life to its fullest.


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My Way…

. . . to the Art of Life

Who I am

I am Erasmia, I am coming from Hellas where Philosophy was born, and the land of Pythagoras. I feel in love with Life and its Wisdom. For me Life is an Art. An Art that aligns Mind, Body and Soul.

The Art of Life is based on Mindfulness and Awareness.

Awareness of our thoughts, our feelings, the sensations of the body and the environment without any judgment but rather with the purpose of acceptance. Acceptance and a kind of understanding of yourself and others in a holistic way, how everything is connected to everything, the value that everybody has to bring…The value of being present in the moment. The value of Understanding the world and of how it constantly changes.

What I do

I am  a Well-being & Interbeing Life Strategist and Intuitive Coach.

I serve people by working through the body, the mind and the soul. I help people to connect  to their most authentic self and learn self-love.I guide people to find their way to believe in life and themselves, to start manifesting their dreams,  recover or restart after having faced a crisis, by becoming the best version of themselves.

The Art of Life is a Holistic process.

Thinking about my Pursuit in Life, I would say that eventually is to help people to achieve fulfillment and happiness! Introduce them to  new and old ways to develop strategies to improve and thrive in all aspects of life. Strategies that facilitate overcoming their blockages or difficulties, strategies to build resilience. As a natural empath, I aim to guide people to a deeper understanding in a holistic way, even recover possible emotional pain hidden under physical pain. 

The Art of Life is a process of allowing  your most authentic self to reveal, of being mindful, of manifesting your heart”s deepest desire and living a meaningful life.


During my lifetime until now I went through several professional paths. What I have come to realize is that I have been a leader and a  coach all the way, as I was trying to find ways to inspire people to become happier and open their mind to new perspectives. 

After having graduated school’s basic education, I studied Theater and Acting and worked as an actress for some years. That was a great school that helped me to discover and uncover hidden sides of various characters and personalities ,by bringing them to the light in a playful way. Later I left this career as my core values distanced me from the actor’s lifestyle beyond stage. My impulse to serve people and my thirst to go deeper into understanding the true essence of being, pointed new directions. I kept my experience in role playing though, as a powerful and fun strategic coaching tool.

For many years I dedicated myself to raising my two children, while navigating  various  professional sectors in order to make a decent living. Meanwhile my love for learning and personal development was only growing.  After all, I owed that to my children.

My first contact with the way of yoga occurred at a very young age through a book, in the context of my spiritual quests. However after an injury at the lower back, yoga enters my life as a mean of restoring healing and empowerment and finally becomes a way of life. Consistent practice and my Teacher Training began later with various teachers. 

I became a Y.A certified yoga teacher and meanwhile have been trained in holistic therapies and energy healing as well.

During  giving my yoga classes I realized that my passion,  the part of my teaching that I enjoyed more was the coaching part. Coaching towards authenticity, intention and mindfulness. I was aiming, not only to give a good yoga class with all the benefits that yoga has to offer, but beyond that to offer a deeper experience. To plant seeds to the attendees, that could  possibly lead to a life-changing transformation. 

So I took the next step to study Coaching and Consulting at the University of Aegean, as well as by attending many webinars and workshops regarding various coaching strategies and tools with coaches from all over the world. As a restless spirit, I explored various methods of personal development, alternative therapies and wellness through studies but also by many years of personal experience in personal and group therapy, personal development coaching and consulting.

I love freedom and traveling, so after raising my 2 children to adults, I decided to re-evaluate where I stand and redirect myself, according to my heart’s deepest desire. I started to work on my own way and terms, teaching yoga and authentic self-expression mostly in summer resorts and retreats along with workshops.

Rocky Path

Since very young I had to face challenges and deal with difficulties and painful situations that could break anyone, but  instead all those challenges made me  the person that I am today .I learned to search for opportunities in every crisis, a beginning after every ending. To discover a gift to every problem, a lesson to every failure, not because I was smarter than anyone else but because, I guess I felt I had no other choice. I wanted to live. My parents brought me in life out of love and myself I had brought two humans in life, so my only option was to celebrate life. I was determined to live in joy, never lose hope, never give up on my dreams and on a clear vision of a better world.

Coming from a family who had to deal with- and still dealing- with severe health issues after my mother’s death of cancer at young age, economical crisis in Greece, divorce, losing my job, going bankrupt, and had both of my children with chronic health issues, I fell into depression…but  only for a little while.

Looking back, I feel I “needed” this depression period, in order to focus on myself only, to review, recenter, re-evaluate and restart my life. As the Phoenix does from his ashes, but that’s not was not the final strike.


 If I had to put one word title to describe my life, it would be “Phoenix”.

While I was building my career I had to face an unexpected and very painful situation that broke me down again.

One day I couldn’t get out of my bed. I couldn’t walk or move my hands because of severe total inflammation in all my joints. I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and that was the third autoimmune disorder that I was facing. I had overcome the other problems that I had before, mostly by natural ways, with a positive mindset and by changing habits but also with the help of doctors and healers.

This was nothing like I had experienced before. I felt totally lost, confused, broken. I went through a process of experiencing feelings like anger, shame, being helpless, abandoned and betrayed. I couldn’t perform my job due to the disability, I had no other income, no financial support from social care or family. I had some good friends on my side but I mostly  distanced myself from all social activities, as I was unable to attend, to identify and accept myself in this new reality. I had to survive, I didn’t know how and stress was only making the inflammation worse. I felt that I was literally burning Into my own flames down to ashes.

At that point there was no  other option than  rise. So I did. After I went  through the stages of grief and arrived at acceptance, I met myself again. I  realized that I already had the tools to start working on my health improvement and rehabilitation through all the studies, teachings and experiences that I have had and of course I asked for help from another professional. This is how I learned and indulged in self-love. 

In addition to these all, during my healing period, my father got very sick  of Parkinson’s disease .Even if I had my personal challenges to deal with, I decided to devote two years of my life to serve him and help him with this transition to the other level, as he had no one else to take care of him.

My love for my father and for serving, led me to find even more courage and experience a  kind of transcendence. I learned valuable lessons, such as acknowledging the gifts given abundantly in every moment. Being grateful for every manifestation of life in every form and as it comes.

The process was very painful. I went really deep, primarily to know myself holistically, to improve self-awareness and mindfulness, understanding and compassion, connection and spirituality, focus and intention. I learned ,I discovered ways and developed strategies for well-being, self love, emotional independence and happy relationships  . 


Today I stand strong living a balanced life according to my values. I am grateful for every day’s gifts, miracles and opportunities for development. I enjoy breathing and good relationships, healthy food and Art. I practice yoga, meditation and  mindfulness regularly. Through the contact with my mentors and many different teachers of different nationalities, and through my travels, I have been influenced by different cultures. I teach in English and Greek, and also speak Portuguese, French and German. I love philosophy, as well as applying its amazing wisdom by developing strategies in daily life and coaching.

I see myself as an intuitive strategist for Mind Body and Soul, who is developing  strategies for well-being and interbeing,  approaching every individual holistically, combining science, vision and ancient wisdom.

This is my way to bring together, to connect knowledge, intuition and the experience thatbI have gained to this day and share.

This is the  Art  I made of Life