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SEPTEMBER, among other things, has been characterized as the month of harvest by various calendars and cultures. This September of 2020 is a difficult month for my country and for the whole world. It is always a transitional month, a month of restart and preparation for the coming winter. A winter that is predicted to be more difficult than usual for most people. For some, in fact, tragically difficult, but for all of us unpredictable and full of challenges.
At this time even more so, it is important to be able to see the beauty around us in order to receive and utilize the universal energy that is offered to us at all times so abundantly. This is why I insist on not focusing on negative images and reproducing situations and images that cause fear, pain, anger, and anything else that lowers our vibrations.

Maintaining high vibrations is the key to the great secret in this era we live in and for the transition to the New Era.

This is why I consciously insist on coordinating with the Earth so that I do not lose my connection with the nature around me and the nature inside me during this transition.

The Earth is an inexhaustible source of energy that supplies the human beings with everything they need to stay healthy in all levels.

Our connection with her in addition , tune us to the appropriate frequencies and gives us the opportunity to raise our vibration, through gratitude, love for all beings, appreciation of beauty, restoring harmony and balance.

And so I choose to remind myself in every crisis, that EVERYTHING is ONE, and every separation a temporary illusion.

Back to SEPTEMBER, is the time to collect vegetables, fruits and herbs and store our harvest so that we are ready for the coming winter. This occupation fills the soul with peace, faith, optimism, gratitude and gives a sense of security.
In the same way we can do this with all the fruits of our labors. Have a re-view of where we stand, what supplies we have, what we hold, what is important, what we are ready to leave behind, what we will need to feel good , happy, safe, complete.
Let us enjoy a beautiful Autumn keeping our inner Light and letting it shine steadily, in spite of signs of this era and all predictions.
Earth element.
“The Elements of Life”
by Erasmia

Erasmia Kritikou

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