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“Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light. Above all things reverence thyself”


The Ancient Way is The New Contemporary Way

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I will be happy to help you find your ways to become the best version of you and live an abundant life to its fullest.


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Holistic Life Coaching

My Holistic Approach on coaching and consulting

As I have mentioned in the general info about coaching, there are many different ways to apply coaching and as many different approaches, as all life aspects.My view has always been multifaceted and multidimensional, as I have perceived very early that there are many perspectives in every matter and many dimensions of our existence.

But let’s start with etymology. The word holistic from the word holos which means entire and complete. Holism is a theory of interacting as whole beings rather than as particular parts of our being or as a  sum of those parts.

Ancient Hellenes (Greeks) use to say a healthy mind in a healthy body and that was a way of living in that very enlightened era. They took care of their bodies by exercising at the gymnasiums and treating them as well at the hot baths and with massages. Meanwhile philosophy-a way of mind training- was one of the most respected sciences and still is. It is Socrates by his method, after all, the first coach on earth and the founder of coaching. Pythagoras was teaching and living according his holistic model of life which included, exercise, nutrition, philosophy, mysticism and science.In India also thousands of years ago until today in the teachings and practices of yoga it is clearly mentioned the unity of body soul and mind. Today holistic therapies are becoming more and more acceptable because of their results and effectiveness, especially regarding several diseases that are proven to be connected with psychological and mental factors. Chinese medicine also is based on those principals taking in mind in addition the energy flow through meridians.Not to mention Native American shamans who also referred to these levels of existence.

I have been studying all my life about all these approaches to understand enough that there is no other way, to treat a human being than as a whole system, where all dimensions of existence are connected. Body, soul, mind, spirit, ether. What we see and what we cannot see all connected synthesizing our being. Working and creating changes on one of these dimensions will affect our whole system, and every action or every decision will have an effect in all other areas of our life.That is why I focus on the larger picture in the client’s life, in order to achieve profound changes and long lasting results in self-improvement.

Whether you are going through current difficulties such as loss of a job, dealing with emotional traumas, divorce, health issues, harsh relationships or just feeling ready to make changes and restart your life, I will facilitate and support you step by step towards your goals and dreams, researching and working in every level of your existence. Discovering and using your full potential, reaching a sense of fulfillment and general well-being, I can help you become the best version of you!

Steps to a new life

1.Everything begins with self-awareness

-Discover and connect with your authentic self

-Identify and clarify your hearts deepest desires

2.Expand your awareness

– Connect to your feelings, to your  thoughts, to your body

– deepen your understanding using ancient and contemporary techniques

3.Take action

-Create and develop your strategies and planning

-Create the right environment

-Encourage and support you to take action to achieve your goals

4.Stay happy

-evaluate your progress and achievements

-maintain your state of fulfillment